Viking Appliance Repair Atlanta

 Viking Appliance Repair Atlanta is more than just an appliance repair for the home. We repair commercial appliances as well


To work on Viking appliance you must be factory trained. Viking repairs can be complex and difficult. that is why we are trained in Viking repair Atlanta

What is Induction Heating?

Induction cooktops are a quick and efficient way to heat up pans because the magnetic field in induction elements heats your pan, not the element. The changing magnetic fields induce eddy currents within your base material of choice (e.g., iron), which can be easily controlled so you don't have to worry about it getting too hot or cooling down quickly when needed.

Induction technology ensures maximum energy efficiency, performance, and long-term reliability. Induction elements heat more quickly than gas or electric burners saving time as well as energy. This quick heating process is then transferred into food efficiently to save you time in the kitchen!

This technology allows the induction elements to have an infinite number of steps between simmer and high. This makes it truly one of the most responsive units available, because there is a response immediately when you change knob position that gives perfect cooking temperature. The power levels range from 3,700 watts for fast boiling times all the way down to perfecting sauces with reduced heat settings.

When cooking, the energy that goes into
the food is useful. It's called absorbed or
converted energy and it makes your meal hot! The excess heat in the kitchen may make you feel warm but all this extra heating requires stronger ventilation to remove unwanted air from your home (or restaurant).

Induction cooktops use induction elements that cause all of the energy to transfer directly into a pan. Energy is not wasted heating an electric coil or ceramic surface since when you remove the food, no more heat will be transferred and it stops completely. The room temperature does not rise because there is less waste heat radiating in your kitchen .

Maytag Repair Atlanta

Maytag Repair Atlanta

We have been working on Maytag appliance for over 20 years. We have been trained and have a direct line to their parts and service changes.  Call us for Maytag Repair Atlanta

Washing Machine Repair Atlanta 

We work on all types of washing machines including any types in Atlanta.  We have repaired over a 1000 washing machine repair Atlanta

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